Need a QR Code Reader on your device?

Go to the App Store, Android Market Place or the app download site on your device. If you are looking for "QR" you will find a wide variety of free code readers that take up very little space on your device. Smartphone cameras do not normally read QR-Codes, so  DO NOT focus the QR with your phone's camera or take photos of a QR. Only if you do it from a code reading program will it work. Platforms  

Some readers we recommend


QR Droid

QR Droid Code Scaner is a simple, lightweight reader that works perfectly for any Android device. It is free, does not include advertising and quickly detects any QR code.

Download URL:


I.nigma Reader

Surely the most popular reader and with support for a wide range of terminals and platforms. This reader allows to share the code read easily via sms, social networks like Facebook or Twitter or visualizing the Qr in screen so that it can be ledio again from another terminal.

It can be downloaded through the App Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World


Beetag Reader

A powerful reader for reading QR codes, datamatrix and a two-dimensional code created by BeetagCode itself, it also has support for reading unidirectional EAN-13 / UPC-A bar codes. It supports the following platforms : Android - iPhone - BlackBerry - BlackBerry Touch - J2me - PalmOS 5.x - Symbian S60 2nd - Symbian S60 3rd - Symbian S60 5th - Symbian UIQ2 - Symbian UIQ3 - Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.5 - Windows Phone 7. Url Download:  

UpCode Reader

UpCode offers a perfect QR reader for Nokia terminals with Symbian. The reader works very well with cameras with autofocus and perfectly interchanges with the terminal and mainly interpreting QR with Vcards. Upcode, like Beetag Reader, also reads datamatrix codes and unidirectional codes, characteristics that confer great versatility. The download can be made directly from the mobile, via sms or downloading to the computer. Download Url: